Beyond Our Means


In Beyond Our Means, Jeffrey Greene weaves biography, social history, and observation of the natural and the human-made— and human-wrecked—world. The poems are at once tender and terrifying, infused with a dark magic and a kind of radical compassion. Their mysteriousness lies in glimpses into the glimmering possibilities of wholeness, of putting the broken world back together again. What if the wound at the neck could heal? What if the child one never had appears through the rush of leaves, in the porch light, out of breath? For a while the wind blew the rain / and you could taste it like someone else’s tears. This is achingly beautiful work.

—Cecilia Woloch

Jeffrey Greene's poetry beautifully traces and honors things "beyond our means," dreaming, cancer, separation, snow, things we may not control nor ever fully understand. I am and will be ever amazed by these patient, deep-toned, luminous poems.

—Nancy Eimers

Devastatingly tender, unafraid, deeply wise, Jeffrey Greene’s Beyond Our Means manages to braid the intimate with the solitary, our presence with ever-present history. In diction deceptively colloquial, Greene’s sense of music, rhythm, and line reflect the best of what the Modernists taught us. This is a wonderful, deeply edifying book from a magnificent poet.

—Gerald Fleming