In Pursuit of Wild Edibles: A Forager’s Tour


Jeffrey Greene is a wise and generous writer, navigating each wild edible through his own memories. What results is much more than a field guide; it’s a window into our relationship with the natural world. 

--Dan Barber, renowned chef of Blue Hill and author of The Third Plate

Forget farm to plate. This is a book about wild places to plate, imagination to plate, memory to plate.

— Michael P. Branch, author of Raising Wild: Becoming a Father in the High Desert

Jeffrey Greene is on a quest to see value where the rest of the world sees weeds..... More than a guidebook, or a colorful narrative, his book is a meditation, with elegant musings.... You leave Mr. Greene's book wanting to find joy in fewer, more tangible things.... As you make your way through his 'meditation' you realize this sentiment is not just an aspiration for life, but as Thoreau pointed out, an inevitability for all living things.

--Wall Street Journal